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Here you will learn how to promote Secrets of "The Secret" products and create money for yourself or your spiritual community.  For every sale you refer, you will receive 50% of the sales price (after Clickbank transaction fees, of course).

Our products are sold through Clickbank, a vibrantly-booming company that has been around for years.  Currently, we have two products running under the Clickbank affiliate system in which you may participate:

1. Secrets of "The Secret" -- collection of New Thought ebooks

2. Secrets of "The Secret" Home Study Course by Dr. Mitzi Lynton


In order to be a Secrets affiliate, you must go to Clickbank and enroll as an affiliate.  You will then receive your Clickbank nickname.  (This is your affiliate ID.)  The signup is free and only takes a couple of minutes.  Once you get this nickname, you can promote any product in their marketplace, not only the Secrets products.  Tell them where to send your checks by going here and signing up:

Once you have gotten your Clickbank affiliate ID, fill out this form:

Clickbank ID:

This way you will be registered as my affiliate and I will send you updates and information about how to promote our products.  You will receive emails about special promotions and seasonal offers that you can send to your friends or post on your website or blog.   


Now it's time to create your hyperlinks.  It's very easy.   

The "generic" format for ANY clickbank affiliate link is written below:

You will always simply replace two words in the link.  You will replace the word affiliate with your Clickbank nickname.  Then replace the word "vendor with the product name of the book or item you wish to sell (which is also the nickname of the author, or publisher of the product).

For example, to sell the Secrets ebooks, your link would look like this:

You would merely replace "XXXXX" with your new nickname.

So, for example, if your nickname is NEWBIE, then your link will be:

See how easy that is?

To promote the Secrets Course, your hyperlink will look like this:

Just to re-clarify, the vendor name for the Secrets Ebooks is "filmpenner"

The vendor name for the Secrets Course is "filmpen"

Yes, they are very similar, but each identifies a different product.  :)


Put your affiliate links where people can see them and click on them.  There are three of the main possibilities.  First, if you have a blog or website with regular traffic, then just place the link there, with a brief introduction or description, which often can merely be the title of the product. 

Second, you can use Google or other Pay Per Click Search Engines to send people directly to our websites.  Note -- Only do this if you are skilled at PPC-- it's not as simple as it  seems and requires constant monitoring.  I do not want anyone to lose money.

Third, you can use the links in your emails to friends and associates.  Tell your contacts about our great Secret products.  You don't have to be high pressure.  Just be casual.  That's usually the best way -- simply refer a friend.  Just paste your affiliate links into your emails at the appropriate point.  Click here for sample emails

If you've been thinking about creating a professional email list (and perhaps a newsletter to send out to this list), an excellent service to use is called Aweber.  This is the company we use for all our emails and autoresponders.  Most of the big hotshots use because it is a sold reputable company and because they can hold thousands and thousands of names in their databases.  We have found them to be completely reliable.  Try them out.

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May you continually be blessed as the 
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