Henry Drummond


    The Greatest Thing in the World

What is the greatest thing in the world? The answer is found in 1 Corinthians 13: LOVE. If we truly love God and others, we can bring the world closer to God and live in peace. 

     From an Amazon Reviewer:

By the time I had read this book, I'd already read countless books and essays on religion and truth and love. This book offered me something extra - and opened my eyes to a wonderful new truth - mainly this - that love is enough.

Never having been trained in the social graces, I always felt like a bit of a klutz in social settings such as dinner parties and even simple get-togethers.

Drummond makes the point that if you have love - if you can feel and express love - you have it all. So instead of focusing on which fork to use for the shrimp and salad, I started focusing on how much God loved me and everyone around me.

And that little simple truth enabled me to feel more at ease in every circumstance and in every situation.

Drummond's book is about grace, love, truth, Universal spiritual laws - it's got it all. From little things (like social graces) to big things (like loving our fellow man - irrespective of his lot in life) this book will change your life.

This should be required reading for everyone.
     -- Rosemary F. Thornton 


Henry Drummond is perhaps best remembered as a gifted evangelist who assisted Dwight L. Moody during his revival campaigns.  He was also a lecturer in natural science.  Although he never received a degree, he was an ordained minister and a professor of theology.  He also wrote several books. "Natural Law in the Spiritual World", published in 1883, sold 70,000 copies in five years and made him famous.  However, "The Greatest Thing in the World" - a meditation he wrote in 1874 that illuminates the importance of 1 Corinthians 13 - is the one that assured he would be remembered by later generations. Widely read and quoted during his lifetime, it went on to sell over 12 million copies and it continues today to influence people to follow God's two great commandments: to love God and to love each other.