Mary Baker Eddy

Science and Health

Some books can change your life. This is one of them! Every day people find practical, spiritual answers for health and healing, security, and lasting relationships in Science and Health -- a reference book for life! 

The author, Mary Baker Eddy, devoted more than four decades to refining this message of hope, healing, comfort and spiritual strength. First published in 1875, this book has a 125-year history of inspiring and healing readers worldwide. It is published in English and in 16 different bilingual translations and has sold more than ten million copies. 


Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of the Christian Science movement, is widely recognized outside her Church as one of the most remarkable religious figures of modern times.  Her childhood and much of her adult life, before 1862, was spent in ill health. Although raised with Puritan values, daily Bible reading, and even the talk of God's healing power, she spent many years looking for healing in the many remedial methods available in her time. She became a patient of the New England healer Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, whose "medicine-free" healing techniques undoubtedly influenced her greatly.

 When she first visited Dr. Quimby in 1862 she was a virtual invalid, and with the good doctor's help her health quickly improved.  While under his care, off and on for several years, she became deeply interested in his theory of disease and its cure. She heard many of his essays read, and wrote many herself which she submitted to him for inspection and correction. She began to give some public lectures on his healing system in Maine.  After Quimby's death in 1866, Mrs. Eddy continued to teach the new ideas and methods, as one of his followers until the period of her more public work.

 A few weeks after Quimby's death, Mrs. Eddy fell over on a sidewalk and struck her back on the ice, and was taken up for dead. She came to consciousness amid a storm of vapors from cologne, chloroform, ether, camphor, etc., to find herself the helpless cripple she was before she saw Dr. Quimby. Feeling that she had not long to live, she asked for her Bible, and whilst reading an account of one of Jesus' healings, she felt God's presence very strongly and shortly afterwards rose from her sick bed.

"The physician attending said I had taken the last step I ever should, but in two days I got out of bed alone and will walk; but yet I confess I am frightened . . . I think that I could help another in my condition if they had not placed their intelligence in matter. This I have not done, and yet I am slowly failing." writes Mrs. Eddy in a letter to Mr. Julius Dresser, a fellow patient that was healed by Quimby. In the same letter she asked Mr. Dresser whether he could help her overcome the present physical difficulties caused by her accident, as she believed that he could and was best fitted to take up where Quimby left off. Mr. Dresser did not respond to this appeal, and Mrs. Eddy had to depend on her own interpretation of Quimby's method. She recovered her health, however, and marked this period as the time that she came to fully understand the "Science of Christianity," which she named Christian Science—A term that had been used by Dr. Quimby on at least one occasion.